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Any home is only as good as the wood from which it is built.  That is why kiln dried timbers from Millville Lumber will help keep your customer’s “dream home” beautiful. 

The log cabin homes of today require higher quality compared to those manufactured just 20 years ago. Traditional log cabin home style has been mixed with modern comfort and in doing so has raised the customer's expectations. 

 Kiln drying removes excess water and insects and is the best way to eliminate potential long-term problems with a log home. 

Just as the log cabin industry has changed, Millville Lumber has adapted - offering high quality kiln dried timbers to manufacturers.

According to Country's Best Log Homes, the average appraised value of a log cabin home is between $150,000 - $250,000. The majority of log cabin home buyers are purchasing properties to have a second home for the family and are expecting a high quality, pre-engineered product. The timbers cut by Millville Lumber allows manufacturers of log cabin homes to provide a high quality product to their customer. 
The dense features of southern yellow pine allow for a comfortable, stable, and naturally attractive home. We offer a variety of standard southern yellow pine sizes and grades. We also can do custom cuts or special request kiln drying if required.
Allow Millville Lumber to supply you with the high quality lumber that your company needs to provide the best log cabin home on the market! Contact Us
Millville Lumber works directly with the manufacturer of log cabin and timber frame homes. We do not sell directly to the public.

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