Kiln Dried Lumber

Because the lumber we produce is kiln dried, the result is a product which will hold up against extremes in climate. Kiln dried southern yellow pine from Millville Lumber is stronger, less likely to develop 'nail pop' and is free of bugs.  Kiln drying reduces the moisture content of wood at a rate that will not cause damage to the wood's natural strength.

By utilizing a state of the art computer controlled kiln, lumber which used to air dry for months or even years before being used, can now be prepared in 48 hours. Unlike air dried logs which dry at a different rate depending on surface exposure, kiln dried wood products are uniform in moisture content.

Kiln drying of southern yellow pine preserves the wood's natural color, hardens pitch, reduces weight and help control shrinkage. Structurally, a kiln dried piece of lumber is ensures that walls remain perfectly true, floors stay level, and the roof is straight. 
The moisture content of a kiln dried timber can be controlled and can range from 19%-25% depending on your needs. If you are looking for high quality, kiln dried southern yellow pine, please contact us for a quote!

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